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Lush Team
Lush Team

When you hold a Lush product in your hands, you are holding so much more than just that product.


You are holding precious ingredients sourced by people who nurture the earth and environment that they live in, creativity, human relationships, ideas and dreams coaxed into reality, world spanning communication and collaboration, the hands that form and prepare the products, a harvest from vibrant rainforests where the puma prowls, or the salt flats where migrating birds fly overhead or a myriad of other sparkling locations thrumming with vibrance and energy.



Join us on our ingredients journey as we explore the Island Trail.



 Dreaming of the island life?


Mark Constantine and fellow Lush Co-Founder Helen Ambrosen were as they worked together through lockdown to complete a long term ambition and create Lime Bounty. This luxurious new body butter finally allowed them to put the “lime in the coconut” as they’d always wanted to - inspired by the Harry Nilsson song.


Our coconut oil comes from the Indonesian islands of Simeulue and Nias where its production contributes to local communities. On Simeulue, our suppliers run a coconut tree replanting project and work with Haaka, a conservation group protecting the island's sea turtles. In Nias, the factory funds a foundation with 10% of its profits to provide physical and economic support to the people of the island.



Simeulue Farmer Outreach & Relationship Officer





I work with roughly 479 organic-certified coconut farmers over 2,635 hectares. We provide virgin coconut oil, processed from organic coconuts and are proud of our nature-friendly business and our waste-free production process.


I hope that our organic certification program continues to highlight the insidious effects of pesticides and other dangerous chemicals, and that we can continue to expand the replanting program that encourages people to plant coconut trees along the coastal and islands region.





Nias Director of Ona Niha Foundation





My vision was to buy coconuts from the farmers on Nias and make coconut oil. Before this, they sent coconut pulp to the mainland for processing and the price was low. When we built a factory here, the farmers got a much better price.


Many people go to the mainland to work but I want to show them there is so much more to offer on Nias. The factory helps to fund our foundation. We have an aqua therapy programme for children with physical disabilities who didn’t have access to help. We wanted them to feel cared for. We take them into the swimming pool to help with rehabilitation and muscle strengthening.



The Island Trail ingredients



Persian lime oil with its uplifting, mood-boosting, fragrance has an enzymic effect removing dead skin cells and toning the skin to get it glowing.



Coconuts are puréed, filtered and then drizzled with extra virgin coconut oil to make this gloriously rich coconut cream.


Shea Butter

Deeply softening shea butter from the Ojoba Women’s Shea Cooperative adds another moisturising element to this pot of treasure.


Olive Oil

Our olive oil is sourced from natural olive groves in Turkey. Ancient indigenous methods for growing are used and the ecosystem is extremely diverse, hosting numerous Mediterranean birds and plants.



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Body Butter £9.00 Each