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Lush Team
Lush Team

We have combined our love for seasonal, fresh flowers with the freshest possible products to bring you a monthly subscription of Fresh and Flowers - the ultimate self care box.

Co-Founder and product inventor Mo Constantine suggests, “You should take it out of the letterbox and straight to the bathroom to use. They’re that fresh. It’s much nicer than having a box of chocolates.”


The inspiration for this monthly treat came from our Lush Fresh and Flowers shop in Paris. Mo worked with longtime collaborator Michelle Leahy to create this unique experience, a shop bursting with flowers and products so fresh, that some are made right in front of you while you wait. Mo’s love and expertise of Fresh along with Michelle’s love of flowers blossomed on Rue Vieille du Temple. Here customers pop in for a freshly handmade beauty treat influenced by the French tradition of buying fresh from the boulangerie, fleuriste, epicerie and markets, and then heading home to dive straight in.

Claire Constantine, Lush Global Retail Director and Mo’s daughter confides, “The Fresh Shop is a playground for us as inventors, as we don't have the restrictions of mass production and lengthening shelf life. With these products we can get fresh herbs and flowers straight onto the customer’s skin with all their wonderful nutrients intact.

Lush has always strived to work with nature. This is why we pack our products full of fresh, active ingredients. If eating fresh fruit and vegetables helps improve our health, the same principle should apply to feeding our skin with nothing but freshly foraged produce. 


“Freshness isn’t just important to us, it defines us. We’ve been hand making cosmetics since 1995. And freshness forms one of our six central pillars - using vegetarian, ethically sourced ingredients, whilst upholding the non animal testing criteria. Using little or no packaging, and little or no preservatives to create effective products.” Mo Constantine


Over the summer lockdown, Mo and Claire took to YouTube to show us how you can find answers for your skin in your back garden or on a stroll through the woods. Their love of fresh face masks led them to their garden shed where they explain how fresh is always best.


Bringing together a medley of beautiful herbs Mo begins “Let’s start with the infusion. It’s very much like making a pot of tea. Rosemary and lavender are steeped in boiling water for 15 minutes. It’s important to get all the nutrients into the water which will then be used in the face mask.”

Minutes later and with the addition of dandelion leaves, Jack-by-the-hedge, organic vegan yoghurt, mint, and chickpea flour they have created an uplifting, refreshing and rejuvenating face mask.

It is the inspiration from nature’s offerings that leads to our innovations in skincare and our passion for fresh ingredients going into fresh products.

As Mo sums up “We need nice treats and making ourselves a lovely face mask is a good way to go.” 


“These boxes are the ultimate luxury, like having a freshly made dessert appear on your doorstep. I get so excited every time I receive one. “ Claire Constantine



Head to our Lush Fresh and Flowers site where you can sign up to receive your monthly box of Fresh and Flowers. Go on, you deserve a treat! Then all you need to do is sit back and wait for your box of Fresh and Flowers to drop through your letterbox.

Song of the Flower XXIII

The plains are decorated with

My beautiful colors, and the air

Is scented with my fragrance

~ Kahlil Gibran

In the picture you can see...


Avocado Ice Cream Feed your skin with this nourishing face mask with fresh avocados and packed full of vitamins A, D & E 


Fresh, seasonal flowers From our Cornish growers. Pop them in a vase or drop the flowerheads in your bath as if you’re bathing in meadows.


Turmeric Roll This gentle cleanser has been packed full of cooling, fresh aloe. The ground almonds give an extra gentle scrub to brighten your skin.


Aloe Bamboo Roll This zesty sugar face scrub has fair trade organic cocoa butter combined with fresh aloe, leaving your skin feeling soft and hydrated.

Cucumber Eye Pad  These fresh, calming eye pads contain freshly chopped cucumber stirred together with Carrageenan.



PS Due to the super fresh contents, our Fresh and Flowers boxes are not available in all markets at present, but watch this space!