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Lush Team
Lush Team


Sink neck deep into the hot water and breathe deeply. Surrender to the moment as mood-altering essential oils, colour spectaculars and bath art surround you.


Welcome to the wonderful world of Bath Bombs and #BathArt.

Over 25 years ago, Mo invented the bath bomb. Looking for a way to provide a lovely bath without irritation to those with sensitive skins, she was inspired by the plink, plink fizz! of Alka Seltzer. Ensconced in her shed in the garden, she created the brilliant balls of bicarb we know and love. Each one is designed with a different blend of essential oils, colours and surprises like rose petals, seaweed and flowers. We love to fully immerse the bather in waters full of aromatherapeutic and aesthetic delights.


We couldn’t just leave it at creating a whole new bath category… oh no, we like to explore and evolve. Enter Mo’s son Jack with a tonne of ideas on multicoloured, multilayered, two speed fizzing, long lasting colourful foaming bath bombs… “We’ve added an element of spectacle which means every single experience is unique,” says Jack. “We can tell stories through bath art… The surface of the water became a canvas: a layer of foam you could visually display a set of colours coming out. It felt like creating a firework display.” 


Lush aficionados will be familiar with the hashtag #BathArt where bathers gather online to share their bathtime masterpiece creations. Explorers to this online collection get to scroll  through a veritable tapestry of vibrant bathscapes, lighting up their screens in a waterfall of rainbow adventures in the tub. Take a trip and check it out, then pick the perfect bath bomb for your own adventures..!


Want to know the secret to having the perfect bath? Look no further! 

Time - 4pm

Temp - 37ºC (just above body temperature)

Length - at least 15 minutes

Listen - to a guided meditation