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New Perfume gift sets

Groovy Kind of Lushie

I remember when i saw the perfume gift sets in Florence that i was absolutely flabergasted at the presentation, wishing they would release these world wide. And it looks like my wish i coming true! @the_lush_box on instagram posted these pictures just now so i thought i'd share!


5 gift sets in total

VOLUME 1: B-sides and Rarities contains Tuca Tuca, Cocktail, Bscent, 1000 kisses deep and Breath of God



VOLUME 2: Set in Stone contains Furze, Flower's Barrow, Devil's Nightcap, Sun and Sikkim girls



VOLUME 3: Death, Decay and Renewal contail Death and Decay, Dad's Garden: Chamomile and Honeysuckle, Kerbside Violet, Dear John and All Good Things



VOLUME 4: Samples Of Society contains What Would Love Do?, Tank Battle, Cardemom Coffee, Rentless and I'm Home.



LUSH Classics contains Dirty, Karma, Rose Jam, Pansy and Vanillary




Wich one is your favourite? Personally i love the darker, warmer scents so i LOVE Samples of Society, but because i have all 5 already i think i might go for either B-sides and Rarities or Set in Stone! 




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that was AN AMAZING read, I really enjoyed reading all that, LOVE your descriptions and all the cool info. and back story, and thank you so much for taking the time to write it all ❤️


I'm actually more screwed than ever now though as there is one in each collection I like the sound of!! 


I LOVE cocktail, pansy, american cream except I don;t like the vanilla leftover of american cream when it dries down, I love sun too, karma, and I think now Volume 1 is the one for me! I'm going right back to the mall to the store haha 


apart from volume 1 I think I NEED to try out Furze, Tank Battle 100% and rentless, for starters 😄 bye bye money 


TYSM for the info. 😊🙌

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Id forgotten abut these, I might just go and buy Retrospective and/or regeneration 😄  im having such a perfume moment at the mo!! 

I got the rennaissance one and it's absolutely amazing! Highly recommend those giftsets.


Bathing Master

What a thought choice to pick between!! I think I’d have to go with volume 2 for me!! Excited to smell furze, devils night cap, and flowers barrow! 

devils nightcap is STUNNING, and my usual fare is fruit/citrus, sweet and sometimes floral (lavender, rose and orange blossom mainly). to me it smells like creamy dirt. earthy, but not green grass earthy, more dry woody earthy, and somehow slightly edible, hence the "creaminess". yes i'm probably just insane 😂

What a lovely way to describe it! It makes me even more excited for the perfume boxes (and more hopeful they can be shipped overseas xD)

Handmade Hero

Volume 1 sounds amazing... definitely will go for that one. Is it going to be released in UK only?

Bath Submerger

Volume 1 is deffo for me, but I'll be trying to trade 1000 kisses and/or breath of god for someone's kerbside violet for sure.....


1000 kisses is such a gorgeous scent in any other format but the perfume on my skin sadly just turns to pure ash! i feel like i've rubbed myself with and old grotty ash tray 😭 no fruitiness whatsoever! 

Bath Submerger

they look goregeous! mine fave is the volume 2 set minus the sikm girls 


I've been into both Bristol central & Cribbs stores in the last week, and tried all the fragrances they have, 

I've narrowed it down to these:


Karma YES

Love - maybe

Cocktail  - doesn't stay put, however, Love is coming off quite similar on my skin, to Cocktail, so much so that id even buy it as its a cheaper alternative, as I get the similar scent from it, it did stay way longer than Cocktail, but there's others I prefer more than Love so as it's not a screaming obvious YES I'm benching it for now. 

B Scent - i really liked its light and delicate loveliness!


What would love do/Ginger/ Lust/Lord of Misrule - I need another go around with these, because it's hard to appreciate too many in one go and properly acknowledge them all as individuals, but i'll say LoM stuck around and came off sweet but I found it boring on me compared to some others, i think its nicer but maybe doesn't suit me. 


Rentless, Superworld Unknown, Breath of God - these were odd, like my nose didn't have the skills to understand or know what to make of them. 


I also tried Plum rain body spray which I quite liked, like a lot, felt like it was a cousin of snow fairy as of that sweet zing. 


I have the desire to have something a bit shocking and different, but I'm yet to find it!


Now on the hunt to try Tank Battle, Death & Decay, Fantabulosa, Keep it Fluffy, 1000 Kisses deep! 


There's 5 sets, as we know, and also the prints aren't specific to a set - which I didn't realise, so if you wanted a specific set and a specific print you might struggle to get that as its dependant on what stores have. 

Amazing you got to try all those, that was a good read too. Did you buy the first set, the one with with B scent in it? I struggled to smell it with my mask on and having tried a few other fragrances before it. I’m taking tomorrow off short notice as I have the opportunity to go to a bigger store tomorrow and I definitely didn’t cover everything last weekend! Excited again! I hope they have some of the black label perfumes.


Hope you have a great time trying them today!

I really struggled to smell them too because of the mask, it really blocks the scent you just can't get a proper idea, but hey we're trying to buy those perfumes anyway lol 😜

I didn't buy anything, I am not convinced there's a set that would be a good investment yet, I'm happy to buy a set of I only dislike or am blaise about 1 perfume for example - but more than that and I'd rather not make the spend, I could easily buy a bottle of karma now, and then a couple of others at 30ml and be much happier is my current thought process, however still got loads to try so we'll see if I change my mind ❤️

We’re doing our best! The nice lady in the store suggested I hold things just above my nose and sniff upwards if that makes sense although you feel pretty silly doing it! 😂 it did work better. My brain seems to switch off after a few scents. Yes absolutely feel the same with the gift sets. I would have liked them to be grouped differently but I can see they will help people explore the scents (especially if they are less fussy than me!) . There are more 30ml ones than I realised and I will try out a few more cos I only tried a handful last weekend. I bought figs and leaves soap, it’s really lovely isn’t it! 

EDIT: Hmm I am actually wondering about the set with Furze in it now, especially after talking on live chat about that set.

Smelling stuff in stores:


Are there any Hairdressers Husband fans here? 


So has anyone got these yet? What are they like?