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Perfume memories

Bathing Master



perfume is a huge love of mine and wanted to know what others have used perfume for.


for me Staying Alive was my wedding perfume so makes me feel loved every time I wear it.


Junk reminds me of spring to summer and warmer weather. 

Lord of Misrule reminds me of autum 


Cardamom coffee reminds me of winter and being wrapped up cosy in like a vintage book shop. 

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Groovy Kind of Lushie

one of the biggest scent memory momentr i had was the first time i smelled Orange Blossom at Lush Liverpool. I took mle back to a vacation i had when i was 8 orso where we went to visit some old friends in Florida and they had a couple of orange trees that were in full bloom. It was the weirdest experience but it immediately made me fell in love with the perfume. I didn't purchase it at that time bc €125 is quite a big price to pay, especially after you've just bought the whole shop haha but i did get it later when it was available in my local store ^^


Groovy Kind of Lushie

I know it seems a little silly, but I love the Rose Jam perfume. I wore it the first time I was able to go out and do something big with friends (a massive group road trip. 11 of us over 3 cars) so I wear it when I'm going to do something big or bold that day. when I wear it I feel powerful but as light as a feather. That scent is my power scent, you know?

Groovy Kind of Lushie

I have another one, Goddess. It reminds me of the girl that first got me into lush and she's still one of my most cherished friends to this day. It's her signature scent and she wears it all the time. it suits her too. 

Rose jam as a perfume is gorgous. 

I love it soo much! 

Bath Submerger

I love Yoga Bomb and Olive Branch as they remind me the very first time I was introduced to Lush. Dear John and Grass brings back happy memories from my childhood. The first with relatives and the latter the summer/autumn days I spent with my family outside and could smell the flowers and the trees in the air. For me, perfume helps me cope with internal struggles as well as a traumatic past.

I love dear John but I can’t wear it as it takes me back ora time in my life I would love to forget (I smell like leather barber jackets and that smell reminded me of a toxic place I used to work at)