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Scent Families/ Lush Fathers Day


With the Fathers Day range landing tomorrow with products being an extension of the dirty line along with a brand new shower gel in the same scent as Fresh As fragrance.


New fathers day shower gel sharing its scent with Fresh As fragranceNew fathers day shower gel sharing its scent with Fresh As fragrance



We'd love to know - Is there any existing fragrances you think would work for seasonal products? Or which  Lush fragrance's would you love to see in other formats? Personally i would love a Furze shower gel/ bath bomb for summer! 

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We have the Karma bubble bottle which is good for 6-8 baths so you get even more karma baths than the previous carnations of it 🤗!  Love the sound of a creamy candy shower gel - or maybe even candy rain? Sweet but a little different from snow fairy for ayr 😍

I'm a sucker for R&B/Revive scent 😭 all these ideas are so great! I wish we'd get heard! 

Groovy Kind of Lushie

29 hight Street anything!!!! 😍 I should have made that my nickname as I go on about it enough lol. Was gutted the aubergine bath bomb never came back this year. Would love a permanent body lotion or body spray, a shampoo. Anything 🙏 I also like the sound of a milky scented body lotion, candy rain body spray or lotion. And even though I didn't like the shaved ice as a shaving cream I did like the smell and think that would make a good bath bomb, it smells like a sexy man lol.

yes to Shaved Ice as a bath bomb, it messed up my razor so I can't use it as a shaving cream, but I love that smell.


Shaved Ice didn't clog my razor but left an unpleasant sticky feeling afterwards. I like the scent too! I agree that having a bath bomb in this scent will be nice. I think it will be great for Halloween.


By the way, does anyone know whether Shaved Ice smells exactly like Salarium or not?

Bath Submerger

Furze anything. Saves me huffing gorse bushes in public.



Karma Kream too because all the current body lotions are floral/gourmand. I can't wait for the 4:20 massage bar, but a lighter texture Supertramp scented lotion would be nice too. 

Lush Team
Lush Team

Our staff members scream Floating Flower scented showergel!! It's flowery, sweet and everything you need. 😍

I agree! Floating flower everything, especially would work well for spring/summer seasonals. 

Bathing Master

 A daddy-o/violet body spray would be amazing!! I’m on my last solid hair conditioner of it and every time I smell my hair I think how much I’d love to have that fragrance all the time!  And summer body milks would be amazing - maybe Yuzu and Cocoa or Coco Loco scented - or even Big or Daddy-O! 


Id really like it, if for Halloween, Candy rain body spray, and American Crema shower gel could come back, I feel it would be a good candy offering for halloween, as it is a candy ish time of year, halloween hello???? It screams candyy and sweeties and american cream goodness (zombie cheerleaders much?) 


also, two hearts beating as one scented shower gel & body spray or perfume please for valentine's day, as there was nothing in the valentines range in those type of products that screamed at me, I only fell in love with heart beat which as a bath bomb, wouldn't affect the valentines day offering as its not too many of one product type. 


It would also be good if there were more perfumes that were 30ml for christmas time, seasonal invdividuals, with christmassy exclusive packaging or each 30ml perfume 

Bathing Master

Floating flower body milk, shower gel, body spray... everything! Perfect for spring/summer seasonals. 

another vote for daddy-o everything- perfect for Valentine’s Day but to be honest we need it all year round! It’s so popular. 

1000 kisses deep SG (beautiful) to come back again for Valentine’s’ day, plus other treats in that scent. 

Finally let’s have fairy Jasmine back! She’d work any time but I love her as an Xmas smell. Not only the bomb but maybe as a dusting powder, body milk and body spray too!! (Also, let’s have more Christmas Eve range for Xmas- seeing as the big wave is already out ans popular I’m sure people would love more seasonal limited Ed products with the scent at Xmas again!)


I think some cherry scents for valentines, or maybe strawberry.

Coconut, mango and pineapple for summer affairs. (Along with anything to do with the seaside)

Halloween is for pumpkin spice, sweets and deep and possibly smokey florals?

Christmas is boozy scents, mince pie scented anything, peppermint and pine based herbals.

Spring is light and bright florals, honey and pale green herbals.

Easter is chocolates, sweet citrus and light, fluffy and sweet florals or herbals (like hay).

Ickle Lushie Bot

I think Rad Dad is missing some notes to be Fresh As but I still love it. I think the other Renaissance scents can be great as shower gels too. Would love Rentless SG for autumn. Even smell of weather turning! God I miss the old bath oils, I always loved Furze and Flower's Barrow. I love Grass but we need more summery scents to be in different formats! 

Remember the bath bomb that smelled like Breath of God? I miss that too.