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My Lush Perfume collection

These aren’t all of them but that’s all that will fit on one post, so i’ll do another post below this one with more  What is your favorite Lush perfume?            

92349DFA-9BF3-4CCC-A93D-F44B42AC22A1.jpeg 9C53B88B-F627-4A0C-920F-BF0E47B468C2.jpeg FE8ED2CA-3CE0-4A67-BA68-A4920232DA20.jpeg B90F16AE-B87E-4374-95AE-DEB4D85CAD27.jpeg
LushaLot by Groovy Kind of Lushie
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Grass Perfume

Hi all - Absolutely loving the grass body lotion from this month - went to look up the perfume, and it only comes in the large bottle! Any chance of a small one?

Perfume memories

Hey perfume is a huge love of mine and wanted to know what others have used perfume for. for me Staying Alive was my wedding perfume so makes me feel loved every time I wear it. Junk reminds me of spr...

Grassroots perfume

I really wish the US would carry the grassroots perfume. I have not been able to purchase from the UK due to the trade restrictions.... how can this?????

Cclark by Handmade Helper
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Scent Families/ Lush Fathers Day

With the Fathers Day range landing tomorrow with products being an extension of the dirty line along with a brand new shower gel in the same scent as Fresh As fragrance. New fathers day shower gel sha...

KaiW by Admin
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Lord Of Misrule Discontinued

Hi there I am looking at re purchasing my favourite Lord of Misrule perfume, I've heard this is going to be discontinued? Or is it just the shower gel being discontinued? I really hope the perfume is ...

Rose Jam perfume vs body spray

Hi everyone, I'm Wanting to buy the Rose jam in a perfume it's my favourite smell in the shower gel, but can't decide between perfume vs body spray, does anyone have both to compare? Do they smell the...

Perfume Gifts - In Conversation with Mark

To finish this week's focus on perfume, we have this insightful video of Elise interviewing Mark last week. The conversation delves into the history of the perfumes featured in the new discovery gifts...

Screen Shot 2021-04-23 at 17.27.33.png
Jon by Admin
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Wrong perfume!

I ordered Two More Hearts by post but it smells like weak Grassroots plus a tiny tiny bit of Two More Hearts! Anyone else experienced anything similar to this? I tried the scent last week in store on ...

FluffyBex by Groovy Kind of Lushie
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