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Lord Of Misrule Discontinued

Hi there I am looking at re purchasing my favourite Lord of Misrule perfume, I've heard this is going to be discontinued? Or is it just the shower gel being discontinued? I really hope the perfume is ...

Rose Jam perfume vs body spray

Hi everyone, I'm Wanting to buy the Rose jam in a perfume it's my favourite smell in the shower gel, but can't decide between perfume vs body spray, does anyone have both to compare? Do they smell the...

Perfume Gifts - In Conversation with Mark

To finish this week's focus on perfume, we have this insightful video of Elise interviewing Mark last week. The conversation delves into the history of the perfumes featured in the new discovery gifts...

Screen Shot 2021-04-23 at 17.27.33.png
Jon by Admin
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Wrong perfume!

I ordered Two More Hearts by post but it smells like weak Grassroots plus a tiny tiny bit of Two More Hearts! Anyone else experienced anything similar to this? I tried the scent last week in store on ...

FluffyBex by Groovy Kind of Lushie
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Perfume Gifts - Early Access

Hey folks! In case you wanted to check out the new perfume gifts before everyone else, here is the link:

Jon by Admin
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From the perfume archives

In case you've not already noticed them, don't forget to check out the daily blog posts going up this week. @Elise has been delving through the archives to bring us the inspirations behind each volume...

Jon by Admin
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How to make perfume last on your skin

I recently bought Sun, It is a glorious sweet, bright, happy citrus like scent, a little zingy, I wanted a new perfume, as a break and change of pace from Pansy and american cream, and with this I got...

Perfume Sets - Full Details!

Happy Friday everyone! As promised I'm here to provide you with some more details on the new perfume sets. The sets will launch in the UK next Friday, which is 23rd April. We'll drop a link to the web...

volumes_1-4_lush_classics_discovery_perfume_gifts_social_2021_01.jpg volume_1_b_sides_and_rarities_social_2021_01 (1).jpg volume_2_set_in_stone_social_2021_01.jpg volume_3_death_decay_and_renewal_discovery_perfume_gifts_social_2021_01.jpg
Jon by Admin
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Travel Friendly Favourites!

I saw the new perfume sets when I went back to work on Monday! The packaging is just TOO cute & I love that we now have a smaller spray that’s gonna be to easy to carry around and change up when wanti...

Zoe_x by Handmade Hero
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Resolved! New Perfume gift sets

I remember when i saw the perfume gift sets in Florence that i was absolutely flabergasted at the presentation, wishing they would release these world wide. And it looks like my wish i coming true! @t...

Screenshot_20210412-195211_Instagram.jpg Screenshot_20210412-195219_Instagram.jpg Screenshot_20210412-195229_Instagram.jpg Screenshot_20210412-195233_Instagram.jpg
YsorandomxP by Groovy Kind of Lushie
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New Perfume Sets

Hey Lushies! I'm here to bring you news of some upcoming perfume sets. There are 5 sets in total, each containing 5 10ml perfumes. In four of these sets, one perfume will be an exclusive not currently...

Perfume Sets Community Post 1.jpg
Jon by Admin
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Resolved! Rose Jam & American Cream Perfume

Has anyone tried Rose Jam perfume and can tell me if it smells anything like the body spray? I absolutely love the body spray but I don’t want to try the perfume if it’s too similar. I was also wonder...

rdelilah by Groovy Kind of Lushie
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Leap Frog Perfume

@Mark Can we please get a rerelease of the beautiful Leap Frog perfume like Keep It Fluffy? It’s such a gorgeous fragrance and I would absolutely love a fresh bottle. 

Body Sprays

I love Lush body sprays, so far I have Twilight, Snow Fairy, Rose Jam, Sex Bomb and Roller. I was wondering what everyone's favorites are / what you have in your own collection and what you would reco...

rdelilah by Groovy Kind of Lushie
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Imogen Rose

I see this on eBay sometimes, can anyone describe it and let me know if it’s like any other Lush products? Thanks 

FluffyBex by Groovy Kind of Lushie
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