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Community Guidelines πŸ‘€

Bathing Master

Welcome πŸ‘‹

We want to give you the best experience when using the Lush Community, so please take a moment to read the community guidelines. You can find the terms in full


  • Respectful. What you write can have an effect. Please be respectful to other members and look out for each other.  
  • Accurate. If you are sharing facts and information, please make sure these accurately represent with references to avoid the share of misinformation.
  • Responsible. You are responsible for what you share on the Lush Community. Please make sure you abide by the Content on Lush Community terms here.
  • Helpful. Support each other and help to make this space a positive and productive environment. 
  • On-Topic. Please keep threads on-topic and avoid spamming spaces with irrelevant content.


These guidelines are here to help foster a positive environment. If anyone is seen to be breaking these rules, the Lush Moderation team will act accordingly and it may result in a permanent ban.

Digital Producer at Lush and Pizza Lover!
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