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All MysticCharm's Badges

MysticCharm has earned 33 badges!
  • Lush Legend
    Lush Legend
    Earned by 959
    You're an early adopter!
  • The Completionist
    The Completionist
    Earned by 22
    Look at you on 100% profile completion!
  • One of us!
    One of us!
    Earned by 238
    One of us! Great to see you settling in.
  • Look at me
    Look at me
    Earned by 38
    We see you!
  • Rookie Recruit
    Rookie Recruit
    Earned by 26
    150 logins! You really are part of the family
  • Newcomer
    Earned by 46
    100 logins - this is becoming a habit!
  • Novice
    Earned by 96
    Back for more? Good to see you again.
  • Apprentice
    Earned by 191
    It's great to see you again!
  • Fresh
    Earned by 1,941
    Welcome to the Lush Forum!
  • Replyinator
    Earned by 27
    You're a cornerstone of the community, congratulations on 100 replies.
  • RSVPeak
    Earned by 50
    Congratulations on your 50th reply. It’s good to have you here.
  • Comeback Kid
    Comeback Kid
    Earned by 93
    10 +15 + you = 25 quality replies!
  • Penfriend
    Earned by 179
    10 replies deep! Keep it going!
  • Pen Pal
    Pen Pal
    Earned by 789
    You've received your first reply; congratulations and here's your first badge for this category! You've got 9 more to receive until your next badge.
  • Topic Thunder
    Topic Thunder
    Earned by 1
    You've posted 50 topics on the Lush Community and earned top badge in this category! We love.
  • Critic
    Earned by 8
    You've just posted your 25th topic - just one more badge to earn in this category!
  • Sweet Talker
    Sweet Talker
    Earned by 24
    Congratulations on hitting 10 topics posted! Keep it going, your next badge is in sight.
  • Dynamo
    Earned by 59
    Fifth topic posted! Next step, 10 to earn your next badge.
  • Fast Talker
    Fast Talker
    Earned by 289
    Congratulations on posting your 1st topic, we love to see it! Post 4 more to earn your next badge in this category.
  • Kudo Aficionado
    Kudo Aficionado
    Earned by 54
    Thanks for giving out 100 Kudo! You've earned top badge in this category, so sit back and relax.
  • Kudo give anymore?
    Kudo give anymore?
    Earned by 102
    Thanks for distributing the good vibes! That's your 50th Kudo, just 50 to go until you get the top badge in this category!
  • Kudo King
    Kudo King
    Earned by 165
    Thanks for sharing the love with your 25th Kudos.
  • Are you Kudo'king?
    Are you Kudo'king?
    Earned by 262
    You've just given your 10th Kudo, talk about generous.
  • You, Me and 1+ Kudo
    You, Me and 1+ Kudo
    Earned by 548
    You've just given out your 2nd Kudo and earned your first badge in this category! Only 8 to give until your next badge.
  • Grandmaster
    Earned by 1
    25th solution completed, you really are a true Lushie!
  • Hotshot
    Earned by 3
    Congratulations on posting your 10th solution!
  • Expert
    Earned by 14
    Congratulations on giving your 5th solution, we love to see it. 5 more until your next badge, keep going!
  • Cosmetic Genius
    Cosmetic Genius
    Earned by 99
    We love helping each other! Well done for solving your first query, here's a badge.
  • You do Kudo!
    You do Kudo!
    Earned by 102
    Practically a celebrity around these parts; you've got 50 kudos and earned the top badge for this category!
  • You go, Glen Kudo
    You go, Glen Kudo
    Earned by 174
    You are loved, you've received your 25th Kudo!
  • Kudo Collector
    Kudo Collector
    Earned by 280
    You've received 10 Kudos, that's pretty good going. You've got 15 more to receive until your next badge!
  • Kudo Suits-ya
    Kudo Suits-ya
    Earned by 369
    Congrats! You've received 5 Kudos!
  • Kudo Master
    Kudo Master
    Earned by 608
    Someone just gave you your first Kudo!