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Just having my morning Matcha... Roll 🍵

Hey Lush Community, Following on from my pals, @KaiW @Reb_S @Kel @Jon - I wanted to share something.I was lucky enough to try this in March last year and I'm so excited it's finally coming online for ...

74CD584E-6AB7-4341-8578-A1D001CD6F0E.jpeg 297F83BA-205C-487F-9D5D-1B4691CEA1F0.jpeg 1DE4CB70-46AE-4A28-9717-84BB22C2F572.jpeg
SophieW by Admin
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More Bubbles...

Following on from @Reb_S thread yesterday introducing Mrs Whippy and Vesuvio as part of the upcoming phase 2 bubble launch, we'd thought we'd carry on and introduce a few more that will be making an a...

712A0546.JPG 712A0550.JPG 712A0551.JPG
KaiW by Admin
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Surprise!! I'm so excited to begin sharing with you all our fabulous new bubble bars!!! I know everyone has been waiting a while for them and we wanted to let our community in on the secret first! Loo...

Screenshot 2021-04-06 at 10.44.29.png Screenshot 2021-04-06 at 10.44.29.png
Reb_S by Ickle Lushie Bot
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Try it & Tell Us - Product 2!

It's that time again...Wanting to try out some fresh new products? We’re looking for #LushCommunity members to use our latest fresh handmade cosmetics, and let us know what you think of them! How does...

Try it & Tell us.jpg