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Best shampoo bar for you?

Oh hey, Lushie darlings. Me again! Thanks so much for your lovely responses to my little thread about Supermilk, they were all super helpful and have been fed back to the teams at HQ. Now, I wanna kno...

grace by Community Manager
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Blue Shampoo

I’d really like a blue shampoo for brunette hair to remove red tones - similar to what Daddy-O does for blonde/silver hair. What do you all think? Are there any ‘problem solving’ products you’d like t...


Just wondering if there would be any call for a pink version of Daddyo

Screenshot 2021-03-19 at 11.27.02.png
Mark by Lush Team
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Lockdown Essentials

Sometimes I shamelessly make products for myself (or, rather, Helen does!) These are my new lockdown essentials. Wig is a hair trainer, which encourages your hair to lie the way you want it to, with j...

Mark by Lush Team
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Your Lush Haircare routine?

Hi all! Just wondering what your Lush Haircare routine is and what products do you use? My favourite combo is Angel Hair and Candy Rain! It works so well for my scalp and hair, leaving it feeling stro...