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Hey I have a son about to start school in September and headlice is something that creeps me out but being veggie I don’t want to kill them unless I REALLY have to. I would prefer to deter than kill. ...
Ok sorry if it comes out a controversial but I will explain I get and respect Lush changing name products to be more inclusive (I.e r&b to revive, hair necessities to power etc) but why do we STILL ha...
Hey perfume is a huge love of mine and wanted to know what others have used perfume for. for me Staying Alive was my wedding perfume so makes me feel loved every time I wear it. Junk reminds me of spr...
Hey So I am making my son (4 in August) a school cone (Schultute) to celeberate him startign reception. So as well as things like pencils, rubbers, sweets etc I wanted to add a few lush things but my ...