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*KITCHEN SPOILERS* ALL GATHER AROUND AS THE BRIDE ARRIVES *wedding music starts playing* Yes, i am marrying this bathbomb and you can't stop me. Thanks Lush 
Hi, this is your weekly complaints post about how Lush could help prevent shipping drama's if they shipped more from the Düsseldorf kitchen. That's it. You can keep scrolling now if you don't care for...
I just noticed that Lush has been taken off of the brand list on the ASOS site and any link to the products are now invalid. Does anybody know what happened?
Feels like some of the higher-ups have some explaining to do. If you IGNORE professional advice by your in-house software development team then WTF are you doing as a company? Imagine if the customer ...
So i was wondering if anybody here has some weird Lush things that they collect, besides the typical cosmetics you can buy in store ofcourse. For me i'm trying to collect most, if not all the Kitchen ...